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We are focused on your business needs. 

Whether you are moving, expanding, or starting a new business, we are dedicated to providing the best possible IP telephony solution for your needs.

Where we're from


evolution-VoIP, originally called Infinit Services, was established by André Laurence in 2007 to service his immediate community on the North Shore of the island of Montréal. His computer, networking and telecommunication knowledge was acquired from a solid education and from several years of working for a networking product manufacturer and an integrator of telecommunications products for corporate and government accounts.

Business grew by word of mouth of satisfied clients and the company moved to Brossard, Québec on the South Shore of Montréal to better serve clients. The company's mission statement rings true and is why clients are not just clients, but business partners.

Today evolution-VoIP offers VoIP telecommunication services and products for businesses of all size. By offering the right solution for your telephone system needs we assure the smooth operation of your business to make your life easier. You should only have to worry about growing your business, not about your telecom equipment.

Mission Statement


evolution-VoIP strives to provide our customers the best possible solution for their telecommunication needs while taking that client's future requirements into consideration. Our goal is to make sure the customer knows exactly what they require and provide it in a timely fashion all while respecting their budget. Our vehicles to achieving these goals are courtesy, reliability, honesty and responsibility. We hope our mission fits your vision of what a telecommunication company should be; we are constantly striving to ensure that our level of service exceeds your expectations.

Need Help?


We are here to assist you in finding the right hardware and services that will help you grow your business.


Please contact us with any questions.

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